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At Olystic we have made it one of our core beliefs that whilst we all might not have done things we are proud of, that we should view the journey we are on as an experience that we have learnt from. We work alongside our clients to transform the way they view their journey into and out of emotional eating so that they can advocate for their growth. 

The road to recovery can seem very long and convoluted but we work alongside any other professional help you might be seeking to offer the support that you need on a daily basis. It’s not just about navigating the bigger picture but also the smaller details that keep you focused on reaching your goals. 

One of the scariest things about recognising you need help is about imagining a future that you might not be able to control and one that will change as a result of you taking on the challenge to conquer emotional eating. Slowly we work with you to build a vision of your future life that makes you smile and work to lay out the steps needed to prime you to make this a reality.

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With our 1-1 coaching we offer different levels of coaching depending on what your needs might be. As a part of both of these, we liaise with around any other help you might be seeking and support these professionals in making sure you stay on track. We will provide you with tools to navigate the everyday and begin realizing more long term goals. Our sessions might take place face to face discussing coping tools and strategies or we may even role play situations you find triggers so that you are able to manage them in a more constructive manner.


You are never alone, and this is one of our key messages at Olystic. Emotional eating can be one of the most isolating experiences and disorders and that’s why we have designed our group coaching sessions so that you can find a network of individuals with varying experiences who can share their lessons, progress and also a deeper understanding of your challenges. 


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"I started working with Olympia when I was actually going through a relapse from eating difficulties that I experienced in my early teens. Although I knew that I was in a vulnerable position I did feel self-aware enough that I didn’t need to go back to see the team of professionals I once did but I needed a helping hand. Olympia was exactly that and I loved the close contact I had with her instead of needing to wait weekly to speak with her. We focused on real life situations and my triggers and practical tools to mitigate these. We worked together for 6 months before I felt capable of moving forward on my own and even then she has checked in with me."

- Alexandria

No one really talks about boys having problems with eating and I didn’t think about it much until I found myself looking to controlling food as a way to get through some challenges I was facing.It became apparent I needed some help to gain back control of my eating habits and figure out the deeper issue. I found the idea of seeing a therapist super intimidating but Olystic allowed me to keep living my life normally and Olympia felt like a big sister.

- Josh

They say that your body changes after children and I hadn’t really experienced major changes until my 3rd child. I had suffered with an emotional low and then my disassociation with myself physically made me feel very out of body and I reached to restrictive eating to help me re-centre myself. I was sent to Olympia by a friend and she has become my main support, helping not only improve eating habits but also setting new goals for myself in this next stage of womanhood.

- Amelie

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