“ I just had to exercise; at one point working out became my full time job, a moral obligation, the sole definition of my  self-worth “ Olympia


I clearly remember that at my rock bottom that working out became such a priority that it consumed every other aspect of my life. How bad was I willing to look good?

Enough to dedicate my whole time trying to change my body into something it was not. In. my case flesh deprived.

A typical day for me was waking up with the only thought to burn calories.  I had a plan, a Fitbit on my wrist and a calorie goal to attain.  That was my life, and guess what? I believed I was healthy: athletic to say the least.

So, what happened?

When it came to my physical appearance, my body was depleted. I had lost all remains of femininity my bones and muscle were showing. I was closer to looking like a chicken than like a woman, but I was so caught up into it that I could not even see it.  My body aching was almost giving me a sense of well-being. Feeling good was feeling pain it was my disorder taking over.

When I came to my face, due to the lack of nutrients my face started to age, my skin turned gray, and its plumpness disappeared. It was a 30 going on 60 situations. I was caught up nothing could stop me on my quest to burn calories.

Not only I had put my physical health and jeopardy that my social life became the victim of my exercising obsession. I was no longer seeing anyone; I was lying about my whereabouts but also isolating. I was on my own with my Fitbit and the sad part is that I could work out 4 hours a day it was never enough … until the day I collapsed. My wake-up call.

Consider my story as a cautionary tale and rethink about the importance of working out in your life. Exercise is a way to complement your overall wellbeing. Think about it as an add on not an obligation. Prioritize moving your body mindfully such as taking the stairs, going dancing, taking a stroll over High intensity work out session. Your body will thank me for it as well as your cortisol levels. Trust me, I have been there.

Olystic recommendations:

When it comes to exercising, I am a die-hard fan of Melissa Wood Health.

I love her approach to movement and see immediate results. I strive to do her app 4 to 5 times a week. You do not need any props besides a yoga. It is easy, relaxing and fun exactly how it should be.


Reformer Pilates is one of my go to. I treat myself twice a week to a Pilates class in London or Paris. I have just discovered Heartcore studio, and I am obsessed.


Try to walk to places, be outside look around. Walking is my cardio. I refuse to track my steps but I try to walk as much as possible. It is a great way to take small breaks during your day. Try to listen to a podcast. Speaking of which I will be launching mine very soon.

Remember your body is a machine treat it with respect and don’t forget to rest

With Love, always.


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