The how and why of the Olystic Method

"I  was finally on the right path the day I decided to leave the fight"

Becoming a recovery coach , was not a decision that happened overnight. Life has its funny ways to guide you towards your purpose and it took me a while and a lot of ups and downs to understand mine. But lets not dwell on the past and focus on the present.My life became meaningful the day I realised that all I had was today and I detained the power to make it meaningful.

On my road to recovery from a raging eating disorder to say the least, I tried everything western medicine had to offer. I navigated through endless years of therapy, an exhaustive list of medication, rehab centres and a hell lot of self loathing. At that point, I was convinced that the solution lied in the fight and that the only way out was fighting to become better, changed and healthy. Well, let me tell you, I was wrong,  but that is a story for another day. The reason I became a recovery coach and decided to launch the Olystic Method was when I realised that the key to fully living life was not in the fighting it but by leaving the fight.

The western approach led  me to the believe that fighting was the answer; fight your past, your mindset, your behaviour. The holistic approach taught that letting go and making adequate was the way out to break free from this world full of limitations I had created for myself. Olystic was born when  I decided that my purpose was to guide those  struggling to leave this endless vicious of fighting yesterday in order to make today better through the implementation of small sustainable changes in thinking, eating and being patterns.

As a recovery coach my mission is to offer  a much  needed  unbiased second opinion,  compassion in a judgment free safe space. I will help you assess the blind spots, understand what’s preventing you from moving forward in order for you to harness the power to make today infinitely better in the light of a brighter tomorrow. I will help you change your narrative, the same way I changed mine.The choice is yours to give it a try.

With love,


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