Small habits, Big changes

I am a firm believer that habits have the power to set up your entire day. Think of them as the foundation even the building blocks of your life. You can stack them, move them around but they are essential as they give a framework to your day.  

Habits either serve you or don't and I find it useful every now and then to take a moment and reflect on them. Audit your habits value and reinforce what serves you and let go of what does not.

When it comes to my habits, I come back to them in order to ground myself. I see them part of my practice and I really rely on them when I lack of motivation.

My Olystic advice: try to commit to your habits, it will definitely help you snap out of it and move with confidence through your day.

Here are some tips on how to implement new habits to optimise your quality of life:

1. Habits should be realistic

Set yourself for success not failure.

Start small,  but commit .

Dont start by running the marathon, run to the park.

2. Start with yourself

If you take good care of yourself the chance of taking better care of others are greater.

Try not to reach towards your phone first thing in the morning. Do something nice for yourself,  mine is coffee.

3. Nourish yourself properly - thoughts included

Fill yourself up with things that nourishes - remember you are what you eat. Apply this to the content you consume.  Be mindful of what you fill your brain with.

4. Stop obsessing on what you need to change

Learn to recognise your strengths and practice self love. If you don't love yourself you make it harder for others to do it. Remember be kind.

Repeat those words in the morning:

I love and accept myself exactly as I am.  

You might  not believe it at first but with time you will! Trust me.

5. Eat mindfully, be present.  

Enjoy nourishing food. Food is energy and life.

Appreciate what’s in your plate, turn off the screen.

6. Move your body.

I am not talking only about fitness,  small movements throughout the day will help you stay connected to yourself

Always remember starting small is already a big step.

With love,



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