“I don't know what I ate but I've been bloated for like, three years now“

Usually we feel bloated after a heavy meal because gas builds up in the digestive tract when food is not broken down properly. It happens to everyone, to the best of us. These are suggestions and some easy tricks that will help you ease your digestion, limit bloat and feel ultimately  better.

1. Try a good probiotic - prebiotic

Take it first thing in the morning with a cup of hot water when you have time.

This will help you feed some good bacteria to your gut and get things moving in the right direction.

At the moment my favourite is probiotic from Cymbiotika. It works wonders but any will do the trick.


2. Drink plenty of water and if you think you had enough just drink more

Hydration is key when it comes to bloat. Add some water and ginger to eliminate toxins that tend to accumulate when possible

3. Stay away from those nasty fizzy sodas

Incorporate herbal teas that you can sweeten with honey. Also, try to limit your caffeine, I know its hard but it can cause inflammation so my advice is moderation. You can alternate with matcha and your choice of milk, it helps when it comes to caffeine cravings.

4. Chew your food

Be mindful when you eat and take your time to appreciate what you are eating you will feel more satiated and you’re digestive tract will thank you for it

5. Try to limit inflammatory food

Experiment with a low inflammatory diet. I believe it is not a diet but a life style it does wonders and you have such a wide range of options. This way of eating favours omega3 fatty acids, whole grains, vegetables and lean protein.

6. Ditch processed food

These are absolutely terrible for your health and do not help when it comes to bloat. There is always a better options out there. Food for thought: you are what you eat.

7. While eating avoid drinking any liquids

When you think about it it makes sense, it’s rocket science and it really helps your digestion

8. Experiment with digestive enzyme after a meal

Lately I have discovered Arrae and it has been a game changer. This supplement works so well and really alleviates the bloat. I take after my meals when needed. It’s all natural ingredients  but to remain on the safe side of things ask your physician.

BLOAT by Arrae - www.Arrae.com

9. Movement always helps

Good for mind, good for the body  and for the bloat. When you feel bloated try to move your body; a quick walk always help. Bear in mind that over-exercising can make you feel bloated as the muscle is stressed and feels bigger. Move mindfully and listen to your body. Remember that your mind and body are a team.

10. Finally be kind to yourself  

Remember that high cortisol levels caused by stress lead to inflammation hence bloat. Take a big breath in, relax and take a minute to acknowledge that they are greater problems in life  than feeling bloated.

In the meantime, you will see that those tricks are simple and really work. It’s up to you to feel your best,  why not try it the Olystic way.

With love,


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