Manage your blood levels the Olystic way

Attention people blood sugar issues are on the rise. At Olystic, I am determined to raise awareness but also to encourage you  to adopt some healthier habits to optimise your health.

Diet, Stress, toxins , lack of sleep and poor exercise can  causes blood sugar imbalance and can contribute to type 2 Diabetes.

10 commandments to manage your blood levels the Olystic way.

1. Go full on high - fiber food.

Vegetables area great source of fibre  and they highly help to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Fibre  regulate the digestive system and promotes a healthy gut.

Another amazing thing with high fibre food is that they are filling, healthy and great when it comes to manage your weight.

Olystic favorite high fiber food

Quinoa, oat  and brown rice

Spinach, broccoli and Brussel sprout

Flaxseeds, almonds, walnuts and chia

Lentils and black beans

2. Exercise

Exercise is key to increase insulin sensitivity. Not only it will help you  to keep your figure in shape it is also a great way to release oxytocin and keep this lovely he

Lovely heart of yours beating.

At Olystic , we advise you to take a 30 min exercise  break 4 to 5 a week and remember walking and dancing  are exercises so get yourself  dancing.

3. Get more sleep

Never underestimate the power of a good night sleep. A sleep deprived body  makes it complicated for your body to metabolise glucose.

In addition your hormones will drive you crazy and you will experience a rise  in your cortisol level leading you to eat much more and gain unwanted weight;

At Olystic we recommend you to  find your sleep routine, meditate and spend some time off your screen . After reading this blog post of course ;)

4. Hydrate always

Drinking water will help you control your cravings, a perfect glow, and a glorious digestion. Focus on water and please ditch the soda and juices.

They are full of sugar and full of calories. Water needs are bio individual so see what works for you but dont forget to drink .

Olystic trick to upgrade your water

Hot water in the morning to boost digestion

Bedazzle your water with fresh fruits lemon and mint , your tastebuds will thank us for it so does your skin

5. Control your stress levels

Too much stress will  not only make your life a nightmare but it will  throw off your body’s natural homeostasis. In other word your body will stop working properly. Stress provokes inflammation, increase your blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Try yoga, Pilates and give meditation a try. It works you have my word for it.

6. Eat more complex carbs

Say goodbye to process poisonous food and welcome nourishing food into your daily meals like high fibre foods.

Replace simple carbohydrates such as cookies ,white bread and other process food  with complex carbs  like veggies, fruits, sweet potatoes and barley  in your daily diet.

This will lead you to feel more satisfied more full and in better health than ever

7. Listen to your body

At Olystic we believe  that timing is everything and that applies to your meal.

Be mindful about not only what you eat but when you eat.  

Try not to snack before bed, maybe fast until breakfast to  regulate your digestion.

While I am not a fan of intermediate fasting and tries to eat every 5 hours depending on my schedule listen to your body.

Remember your body works with you , not for your and absolutely Not against you ;  food for thoughts

8. Try Supplements

When it comes to manage my blood sugar level I swear by apple cider vinegar.  Learn more about its miraculous properties on the  glucose goddess instagram and if you

Do not like the taste try the cymbiotika apple vinegar tablet.  I take mine 20 min before my meals and it works.

A glutamine supplément can help prevent a leaky gut. It helps to lower blood sugar as it lower ghrelin secretion  the hunger hormone.

That’s all for now ,

With love



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