To be simple it’s about providing the support to help you restore balance in all areas of your life. Our lives and our identities are made up of a variety of different elements. When you have excess or deprivation in one, it has consequences on other unseeingly related areas. The Olystic Method is about keeping these in balance to help you optimize your quality of life. When it comes to dealing with emotional eating and recovery, it’s about the long term. We work alongside the other healthcare professionals who will be aiding your recovery but we focus on the day to day and the 10 year plan. The Olystic Method is a program made by you for you with, our coaches acting as the facilitator to making these changes your reality but providing a safe space and constant support system. 



The circle of life is the grounding foundation for everything we do at Olystic. Life is made up of 12 key areas that interact and interplay with one another. They are: SPIRITUALITY, CREATIVITY, FINANCE, CAREER, EDUCATION, HEALTH, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, COOKING, ENVIRONMENT, RELATIONSHIP, SOCIAL LIFE AND JOY. We aim for all of these to be in balance, because through this you can achieve a wholesome existence. 

We begin by discussing these areas individually, seeing what you want to improve, and equally what you are happy with. Confronting these areas can be intimidating but we take our time, empowering you in the process.

The 12 Key areas

The 12 key areas


What brings an unequivocal smile to your face. You have to put your happiness first and often we deprioritize ourselves because the rest of life takes over. It’s time to pull those sources of joy through to your everyday experiences.

The 12 key areas


Our spirituality lives within us all and for some of us it may fall under religion, for others it can be rooted in meditation. Taking this time to understand what feeds your inner spirit needs to be nurtured and maybe it’s through daily practices or seasonal routines. 

The 12 key areas


Explore the boundaries of your creative energy. We all need to experience this level of freedom through various mediums. By accessing our creativity we often find clarity

The 12 key areas


We never want to diminish the role and weight of being financially comfortable but it is also vital to remember it won’t grant you happiness. The key to finances is about managing them well and ensuring that you are protecting yourself from unpredictable events but also finding the resources to pursue what brings you joy. 

The 12 key areas


It’s a scary thought when you consider that we spend more time at work than we do anywhere else but when you do what you love then it never feels like a chore. Having a fulfilling career, whatever that might look to you, provides us all with purpose and a mission that guides our days. It is important to do whatever you can to find a career that you are willing to devote yourself too. 

The 12 key areas


What a privilege it is to live in a world where education is accessible from virtually every corner. It is important to surround yourself with informative knowledge on a variety of topics but also find a point of interest that could open up professional opportunities. 

The 12 key areas


Nothing is more important than our health but it is equally important to not be grounded in obsession because then we limit ourselves from enjoying ourselves also. We have to build daily life practices that put our health first but also reduce stress when concerning our health too. 

The 12 key areas

Physical activity

Get out into nature, go to the gym, go for a walk; whatever it might be it is so important to move your body. Through the natural hormone cycle the endorphins that are released will boost your mood but also offer clarity in your thoughts. 

The 12 key areas

Home cooking

Nurture your body! People have always fed themselves and each other and whilst this is of course incredibly important for our health it's also the social element of this that is so important. Very few acts express love and kindness to oneself more than preparing and eating a delicious and healthy meal. Use mealtime as an opportunity to invest in yourself and your body for improved overall wellbeing. 

The 12 key areas

Home environment

When they say that your home is your sanctuary it is for a very good reason. We use our home as our base and safe space. If you feel vulnerable at home how can the rest of the world possibly feel like an environment that you want to engage with. Your home space isn’t just based off its physicality but also the ambiance that has been created but who you hold in the space and your daily practices. 

The 12 key areas


The foundations of our lives are the relationships we build. These change through time and they can range from familial ones to friendships and even love relationships. They take time to build and are an effort to nurture but they are our structure and support system for both the highs and lows of life. Make sure that the relationships that ground you are fulfilling what you need them too and equally that you are doing the right job supporting those around  you in return. 

The 12 key areas

Social life

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to emotional eating is the impact that it has on our ability to socialize and feel comfortable in the variety of settings we can be thrown into. Life is given its zest and color through social activities and it is important to immerse yourself in experiences that give a positive return. 

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“I realized I had locked the door on the jail cell I have built my life into."

“There was no lightbulb moment, it was a genuine journey that I have been on for many years with myself. I realized that my obsession with my wellbeing was in fact my prison, the jail I had kept myself in to turn away from acknowledging my real vulnerabilities. Not only was my relationship with my food, body and health out of balance but as a result of that my personal relationships, my career, my friendships. 

My studies in Integrated Nutrition allowed me to transform my thinking and to view food as a fuel and not a part of my values or sense of self. The Olystic Method came from a place of service to myself, it’s about letting go of old beliefs and adopting new ones in a manageable way through a support structure that allows you to implement long term change”.

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