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Eating disorders are one of the most deadly mental illnesses in the world. More than 26% of individuals with eating disorders attempt suicide, which is the cause of over 10,000 deaths every year. After having severely suffered with an eating disorder myself, I know how hard it is to gain back control of your life. Through personal experience, research and studies, I now have the tools and knowledge to support those with eating disorders and guide them down the road of recovery.


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During our 1:1 45 minute coaching session we will create a custom programme that fits your lifestyle, like each individual person, every eating disorder is different, it is important to assess each situation differently to find the the best roadmap to recovery for you.

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⚫ The vast majority (97%) of people hospitalised for an eating disorder have a co-occurring health condition.

⚫ About one person dies every hour as a direct result of an eating disorder.

⚫ Up to half of the people with an eating disorder misused alcohol or illicit drugs at a rate five times higher than the general population.


What We Do

The Olystic Method provides full scope support for anyone looking to or on their road to recovery from emotional eating.

We work alongside the other recovery professionals in your life to help you stay on track with the progress you seek in your life. Through our core principles we help guide you through the journey to post emotional eating. Supporting you through the ups and downs of finding the balance you seek and sense of purpose in all areas of life.

How to



Option one


Think of it as fuel, is what we first say to our clients when they come to see us for the first time. Part of our responsibility at the Olystic method is to help you transform the way you see food, alongside any other nutrition professionals you may be working with. We discuss your triggers, preferences and dislikes to ensure that you are getting what your body needs on a daily basis. We will also look at how emotional eating can impact social situations and equip you on how to handle these best.

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1-1 sessions

Option two

1-1 Sessions

In our 1-1 sessions you will get direct contact time with our founder and Senior Recovery Coach, Olympia Landeau. Each session will involve discussing your progress as well as difficulties you may be facing and practical strategies to help you overcome these. The sessions will not only focus on eating and food but looking at all areas of your life and how you are working to make these positive and fulfilling for overall happiness.

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Option three

Group sessions

They say it takes a village and we completely understand that. One of the most difficult parts around emotional eating is the isolation that it can cause. As part of our group sessions you will meet other people at different stages of their recovery journey. We have found that many of our clients find these sessions incredibly uplifting, and that they end the cycle of loneliness. You might find a buddy or learn useful tips from others through conversations guided by our Senior Recovery Coach, Olympia Landeau.

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Option four


Maybe there are specific triggers to your emotional eating or perhaps you are even a partner or caregiver of someone navigating their recovery journey. Our workshops place a specific emphasis on key topics, we will talk through the reasoning behind these occurrences and practical tips to help you navigate the everyday.


Kind Words

"I started working with Olympia when I was actually going through a relapse from eating difficulties that I experienced in my early teens. Although I knew that I was in a vulnerable position I did feel self-aware enough that I didn’t need to go back to see the team of professionals I once did but I needed a helping hand. Olympia was exactly that and I loved the close contact I had with her instead of needing to wait weekly to speak with her. We focused on real life situations and my triggers and practical tools to mitigate these. We worked together for 6 months before I felt capable of moving forward on my own and even then she has checked in with me."

- Alexandria

No one really talks about boys having problems with eating and I didn’t think about it much until I found myself looking to controlling food as a way to get through some challenges I was facing.It became apparent I needed some help to gain back control of my eating habits and figure out the deeper issue. I found the idea of seeing a therapist super intimidating but Olystic allowed me to keep living my life normally and Olympia felt like a big sister.

- Josh

They say that your body changes after children and I hadn’t really experienced major changes until my 3rd child. I had suffered with an emotional low and then my disassociation with myself physically made me feel very out of body and I reached to restrictive eating to help me re-centre myself. I was sent to Olympia by a friend and she has become my main support, helping not only improve eating habits but also setting new goals for myself in this next stage of womanhood.

- Amelie

The founder

Meet Olympia,
Founder of olystic

Olympia Landeau is the founder of The Olystic Method. She developed her innovative recovery program on her own journey out of suffering from emotional eating. Her life experiences alongside expert qualifications have allowed her to build practices that transform people's lives and overall well being.


Life isn’t a one track road and navigating our way through its trials and tribulations can be a handful. Use our 12 guiding principles to prioritise your happiness, everyday. 

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